I Miss You, Mom

A Daughter’s Journey into Dementia Land

With all its twists and turns, dementia is a road more often traveled than any of us would choose if we had a choice.

Corrine’s mind reflected back in time to places her daughter had never known. An insightful journey through the mind.

A loving and funny story about the newfound world of Dementia Land that captures your heart and soul while following Corrine’s journey into a constant state of confusion within the confines of her mind.

Corrine Marshall - Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Aunt, Sister, Bookkeeper, Dancer, and friend to all that crossed her path - forgot most of her life, yet enjoyed every minute of it. With the grace of a dancer, she waltzed through each phase, teaching all of us that humor conquers fear.

Please join us in Dementia Land as we walk side by side and share our journey with you in hopes of making your journey as joyous as can be.

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Meet the Author

“My name is Faith Marshall, a writer inspired by life’s journey. Coaching Families faced with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I am here to support YOU!”

I love what I do! 

Helping guide families along their journey with a loved one diagnosed with Dementia is a blessing.

I couldn’t see this new path ahead when I was so involved with my Mom’s journey. I felt lost trying to help her yet not fully understanding what was happening or how to find what we needed to support her. I was riding on a rollercoaster of emotions and decisions that lasted over 10+ years.

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