Remember Those Who Forget

Honor those with Dementia and help raise awareness for Dementia!

I have set aside special pages in my best selling book: I Miss You, Mom—A Daughter’s Journey Into Dementia Land to Remember Those Who Forget.

Currently available in Kindle format, the hard copy version of my book will list names, and maybe memories, to honor or memorialize those with Dementia.  The hard copy of I Miss You, Mom will be published this summer.

There is no cost to you. I am doing this to spread awareness about Dementia, and out of respect, gratitude and love of my Mom.

To have your loved one recognized in the book, please submit the form below. I need your name and e-Mail as well, to contact you about any questions about your submission.Faith Marshall Signature

Do you want to Light a candle to Remember on the Journey to Dementia Land web site?

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